Rites of Beauty. 4 july 2014
The model shares what inspired her in beauty

BY Sonia Juttla | 04 July 2014 
Source : telegraph.co.uk

When I was a child my middle sister and I would use our younger sister as a live doll.
We used to put my mum's make-up on her and she would sit there looking like the happiest little
girl while we played.Now she's all grown up and I can't really put make-up on her anymore.
Beauty is what I grew up with and what I know, what I've been surrounded by. I adore make-up and I'm
always buying more. I think the biggest transformation is in how you feel about yourself. If you're going out
and you realise, "Yeah, I've got really good eye make-up on tonight," or your hair is looking amazing, it makes
you feel so much better about yourself. As soon as you're feeling confident you give off an aura, and even if you
aren't looking that great it makes such a difference. That's probably my biggest beauty secret:
" Just doing what makes you feel amazing."